Little Bites

Here´s a roundup of news I think are interesting.
First off: Veronica, whose beautiful Test kitchen I´m sure you know, has a new business, Petites Bouchées. I was so happy when she asked me to do the logo, because not only is it a pleasure to work with Veron, it´s also such fun to be allowed to go crazy with macaroons and polka dots. Anyone lucky enough to be in or around Richmond (VA) can try them already. Rest of the world, try to hold in your impatience til online ordering is available.

Second: Disfruta&Verdura is starting up in Madrid. I´ve already signed up, and in a couple of weeks will be able to give an informed critique of their organic vegetables box scheme. All the fruit and veg comes from their own farm in Tarragona, which might not sound very local to sticklers, but since Spain is smaller than Texas, I think we´re ok.
Apart from all the vitaminic and smug-green advantages, I also think it will be a lot of fun, the surprise and the figuring out what to do.
Third: my great pal Guru has a new blog header, also very tastefully made over, if I may say so. It´s a food blog, but we decided to opt for a quasi-Tiki island theme, since she´s lucky enough to live in the Canary Islands. Spanish speakers, check it out regulary because there is plenty of delicious stuff in there.

Four: My kitchen is not as humming with activity as it used to be, but nevertheless this week I´ve managed to make a 6 liter batch of chicken stock, and to locate a brand of flour tortillas I really like. Quesadillas are back on the menu chez nous, and there are three bananas turning appropriately black that will be reincarnated as banana bread tomorrow. Recipe to follow.

8 comentarios:

Raquel dijo...

La, la, laaaaaaaa. Lerorero, reeeeeeeee. Ole, ole, oleeeeeee!!!!

No digo más.

xps dijo...

Yo tampoco digo mucho. Solo que me encantan.

Pille dijo...

Love the Chez Guru banner - very exotic:) And as far as organic delivery boxes go - Tarragona sounds local enough to me. I need to sign up to a scheme as well, as not sure I'll have a functioning garden this year yet (sigh!).

Lydia (The Perfect Pantry) dijo...

I love both of these logos -- each one has a bit of your personality in it!

Anónimo dijo...

I loooooove the Chez Guru logo!

Veron dijo...

Thanks again for my logo Ximena, I simply love it! That one you made for Chez Guru is so cool, makes me think of vacationing in a tropical island.

Jane dijo...

Hello! I got your link from another food blogger (steamykitchen.com). I am so happy to find another illustrator/cook! This is my last semester of college in the US as an illustration major. My thesis is an illustrated cook book.

If you will permit, I have one burning question for you: my instructors here told me that the market for illustrators is pretty terrible in Europe, have you found that to be true? Do you make your living at it?

Nice to meet you!

Unknown dijo...

I always love seeing your artwork! Your combo of food and design, two of my favorite things, is such a treat!