Total laziness

I wish I could have something interesting to write about, but I´m deep in the throes of an attack of laziness. I´ve spent the better part of the afternoon reading a Barbara Cartland in the depths of the beanbag, and when that happens, it´s a sure sign that there´s nothing to be expected from me.
I am cooking stuff, but not even bothering to eat it. Chutneys, tomato sauce, storing up for the boring months. But dinner? Sandwiches, if I´m being active and interested in life. If not, fruit, or some yogurt. It´s terrible, I´m tellin´ ya.
Yesterday´s was very good, though. A perfect avocado, mashed with lemon and salt, topped with a ripe tomato and nestled inside a hot wheat tortilla. Yum.
The drawing has been picked at random. Such is my state, sorry.

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Anónimo dijo...

Not every day can be filled with inspiration and productivity.

This "in between" spot in the seasons just kills me - I'm ready for fall food but the weather isn't quite there, and salads are starting to get a tad overdone. Looks like sandwiches here tonight, too.

And for a drawing picked at random, you picked well - I like it!

Raquel dijo...

El dibujo me recuerda a mí. Si le hubieras puesto coleta y un par de libros más, soy yo fijo.

Pero leí aguacate y ya me animé un poco :)

Rosa dijo...

Chutney sounds exciting to me! I agree, this is not the most inspiring season. Like the sound of your avocado tortilla, though - perfect for a lazy day.

PS Have made the Nutella recipe in my new Thermomix!

lobstersquad dijo...

cdc: I know, it´s really annoying, I´m longing to bring out my scarves and stockpots!
guru: a mí tambiém me animó el aguacate, la verdad.
rosa: I´m so pleased you´re in the Thermomix fold/sect. Did you love the Nutella?

Anónimo dijo...

Oh, no! :-)

Anónimo dijo...

Oh, no! by me.

Anónimo dijo...

He hechos los tomates asados y han sido un gran éxito. He visto tus ilustraciones en el libro de Gabriela Llamas, son magníficas, y las recetas de TMX también.

lobstersquad dijo...

dagmara: no worries, I´ll get better, I promise
Inés: qué bien, me alegro mucho. prueba usar esos tomates para el crumble de tomate de gabriela, es la pera.

Casey dijo...

As long as you keep posting your marvelous drawings I give you permission to eat avocados and tortillas for dinner every night,

xps dijo...

Pero qué caracter! No entiendoa quien habrás salido.

SteamyKitchen dijo...

I am right there with you on the lazy meter.

I've neglected laundry, ironing, dishes and vacuuming for 2 days. Now I have even a bigger pile and am considering hiring a housecleaner for the day!