First summer outing

Summer´s here. Dammit.
Granted, it´s taken long enough, so there´s no real reason to complain. But still, I do hate it very much. I see a thermometer marking 39ºC and begin to feel very wretched.
I´m going to spend the weekend in Antequera, down south. That may not seem like a smart move, going to a place even hotter than Madrid. But I think if I move very slowly, and then only from the deck chair in the shade to the pool, I may survive.
To keep you company over the weekend, I´ll leave you with this illustration of the sanfermines, because, you know, why not? and with two recipes from last year. One, the very cooling agua de jamaica , which I´ve been drinking copious amounts of in the past couple of days. Two, porra
, the classic dish of Antequera, and a very good thing to do now that tomatoes are everywhere and so good.
Back on Tuesday. Have fun.

6 comentarios:

Pille dijo...

Enjoy the trip, and I pretty much promise that it won't be anywhere as warm in Saaremaa:)
PS Rather coincidentally, I've been drinking copious amounts of aqua de jamaica today, too. You know, just for a change from jamaica-strawberry sorbet and puddings:)

Lydia (The Perfect Pantry) dijo...

Have a wonderful little vacation! Thanks for sharing your illustration, too; it makes me smile.

Lisa dijo...

Hope you enjoyed your weekend away. I love this illustration. I went to the sanfermines once, in 1996, and it was a most unforgettable weekend!

christine dijo...

Enjoy the south! :)

*kel dijo...

hey, you can't complain, amsterdam is still freaking 19 degrees weather and it basically rains when it fancies ;)

Anónimo dijo...

I've been lurking and loving your blog. Wonderful writing and the illustrations are delightful!