In a rush

Once again, back from Sevilla. My desk is literally staggering under the weight of lists of things that have to be finished over the next couple of days, so there´s no way I can write a proper post.
I wish I could tell you about the food at the party on Friday. The trays piled high with every kind of tiny delicacy you can think of...the thin little filo cigars stuffed with morcilla...oh, they were good. Very.
However, there´s no time, so here´s a drawing which has nothing to do with anything in particular, and I´ll give you the address of a bar I love, all in one breath. It´s called Bar Bistec, I´ve no idea why. They don´t seem to serve steak there (bistec is Spanish for beefsteak). House specialty is pigeon, but I´m less than fascinated by crunching tiny bird bones. I recommend the courgettes, and the cazón en adobo.
Bar Bistec, c/ Pelay Correa, 34. 954 427 47 59

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Anónimo dijo...

I love all your drawings!
Get busy!! =D

Anónimo dijo...
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xps dijo...

Como esa mismísima cabra estás, my darling. pero me ha gustado.

Anónimo dijo...

I want to print that out and hang it in my dining room! the look on the goat's face is so perfectly goaty. J'adore!