Solo dining

Solo cooking is a favourite writing topic. It is a subgenre in the subgenre that is food writing, and to conform to the norm, it must be confessional and a little bit gross. Chocolate chip omelettes are expected, or at the very least some form of cold cereal nestling in a sandwich, atop canned seafood.

Me, I am not like that. Weird it may be, but I don´t mind cooking when it´s just for me, and it doesn´t drive me to extremes. Here´s a list of stuff I´ve made for just myself over a week J has been away. Leftover turned up more than once, as did soups frozen beforehand. Dough from the pizza fest on Sunday became a bäco (Google it) and some flatbread to go with broccoli. There were nights of just fruit and shortbread.
Et cetera.
I don´t count the fishcakes snaffled from the kids´ plates, or breakfast, or the mid-morning apple. These are meals I have sat down to, and enjoyed very much, thank you.

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