Grilled bacon open sandwich

Bacon is pretty much guaranteed to lift any meal out of the hundrum shallows. You knew that already.
However, did you know about this nifty little trick, buried in a page on vegetables in An everlasting meal? It´s very simple: you broil/grill very thin sliced bacon directly on top of a slice of bread or toast. Witness the genius. All that lovely lovely bacon fat seeps directly into the bread, and it doesn't matter much that only the upside is crisp because the underside is cooked and mingling with that bread already. 
It is perfect. In the book you´re supposed to cook some garlic to spread on the bread, but that´s just gilding. However, if you happen to have a jar of the magic onion jam in the fridge, it will be very very good, and much easier.
It is very very quick, easy, there´s little cleanup and you´re guaranteed a wow, even if the only thing else is a bowl of leek and potato soup, or a mound of slaw. And If you serve that bacony bread on the side of a mountain of garlicky greens, expect a ticker tape parade at least.

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Ximena, a question completely unrelated to this post, sorry - what app do you use to draw on the iPad?
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Mmmm... que buena pinta el bacon!!:-)