How to store parsley

If I ever write a memoir, the chapter dedicated to living in Scotland would be titled "paying for parsley". Parsley in Spain is free as the wind; greengrocers give it away, a bundle of sprigs tucked on top of your purchases. It´s just there, always, and if it wilts in the fridge you simply throw it in the stockpot, knowing you will get some more tomorrow with your oranges and potatoes.

It´s easy to take it for granted, because it is granted. But here, of course you pay for parsley, and through the nose, at that. Throwing leaves away is annoying.

If you use it quickly it´s nice to put it in a glass with water, like a bunch of flowers. But if not, the fridge is your best bet. I used to keep it, just like that, in a plastic container, but my new favourite book has a better way: trim the leaves, save the stems for stock, and put the leaves in plastic bag or box in the fridge. They last for many days like that, and because it´s prepped, you are likely to use it more, just as you are more likely to draw if you carry a sketchbook in your bag.

It can be the main ingredient in a salad to go with marrow bones, but a  few chopped leaves is all it takes to liven up many things, like home-made soupsauteed mushrooms, roast tomatoes, baked fish, octopus salad or takeaway pizza, so bear it in mind.

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The Devil's Food Advocate dijo...

The first line of your post made me smile. That title would also apply to the United States. For all of us without a pot of parsley growing in a sunny window, this is great information. Thanks.

Cecilia dijo...

Te entiendo! Soy argentina y viví en Hamburgo, donde se paga el perejil y la verdurita para la sopa, que aquí son gratis. Al perejil, cuando es mucho y dá pena tirarlo, lo limpio, seco y pico. Luego lo guardo en bolsitas o envases para freezer. Dura varios meses y no pierde el sabor. Otra idea para ahorrar y seguir cocinando rico :)

Esther dijo...

Y yo que todavía no lo he visto fresco (ni la menta). :(

Genial tu blog, btw.

Anónimo dijo...

I stay in India, and the price of parley is like the price of stock market, decreasing and increasing everyday. what i generally do is I wash the leaves and fresh stem and put it in the oven for 4minutes. The leaves turn into dried herbs making my life easy.

German dijo...

You can freeze any herbs without any problem, they last up to 3 months

Anónimo dijo...

Hi, I am from Italy and I live in Sweden and I have the same problem with all aromatic herbs, usually when I buy some I try to use them in few days but if not I clean them and put them in the freezer. When you need to use them they are as fresh as when you bought them.

Raquel dijo...

Pues no creas, ya no lo regalan en todas partes. Está claro que este país va directo al desastre..... (PD.- Guru ha muerto. Adiós blog, Hola -quizás- tumblr. Nueva vida, nueva fase, bli bla bli bla...)