Back when I started this blog, almost six years ago, it was pretty easy to keep track of what was going on in other food blogs. There were not all that many about, and only a few dozen were very good. Now, of course, dozens of blogs are created every minute, and so many are so good, and have such amazing photos that it´s hard to keep up.

So let us all rejoice at the appearance of Blogeats. It´s a blog about food blogs, written and curated by the editorial director of the Harvard Common Press, Dan Rosenberg. You can read a much better description on their own site, here.

I would happily write lines and lines about the quality and interest and overall awsomeness of the content, except that modesty gets in the way: one of the recent posts is about lobstersquad, and says all sorts of lovely things, as well as including an old favorite recipe, pisto.

It´s already a favourite site, and one that I look forward to checking frequently.

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Magda dijo...

Thank you for introducing me to Blogeats. I didn't know about it.
It's a very interesting concept.

Sangeetha dijo...

Enhorabuena! I completely agree with the review. I first found your blog years ago when i first came to spain and didn't know what to do with some bonito and I found your bonito encebollado recipe. I didn't bookmark your site then, but it really stuck in my head, and i found it again three years later after some frantic and creative googling.
Seeing an unread post from you in my reader always brings a smile to my face. Hope you keep it going!

Pigs & Bishops dijo...

Thank you, Lobster Squad - for the pisto recipe (it is summer here, and the zucchini plant is fruiting madly), and for inspiring me to get a pressure cooker. It's wonderful! Also, for writing one of my favourite recipes ever, espinacas con garbanzos. I love your blog.

Unknown dijo...

i am a big fan of your blog. made your pisto the other day. yummerific!