Storing potatoes

Now, I don´t know if this is going to sound like I´m the biggest idiot, but anyway.

I never got why potatoes were always referred to as a "store cupboard ingredient", because my potatoes always seemed to sprout within seconds of my bringing them home. So I´d only ever buy a few, and then only with some specific dish in mind.

But now I know better. I found out reading this book "Just like mother used to make", and it´s not that great, really, a sort of poor man´s "The Prawn Cocktail Years", which is fantastic, but still, it opened my eyes. The chapter on potatoes begins by saying that supermarkets sell potatoes washed and bagged in plastic, and store them under bright lights, and that potatoes are only happy when covered in mud and in the dark.

And then I banged my head on the wall. I mean, really, of course! What an idiot! Those winter storage things you hear about, and basements, and everything! Duh. I must have read this a million times and it hasn´t percolated my thick head, or else I haven´t, which would be strange.

So I took the opportunity of buying a great big 5 kg sack of potatoes for next to nothing at the very enticing and friendly farm shop called The Store, and putting them away in a cardboard box on the stairs leading down to our garden.

Now I´m not only happy in the knowledge that my potato needs are being met, but also dangerously vindicated in my impulsive purchase of books I don´t need even remotely, but can´t resist, because, really, how can I, when they cost the same as a capuccino and a croissant at the Coffee House?

I could forgo the croissant, of course, but who am I kidding?

Let me remind you of a fantastic way to cook potatoes, and let me add that you can also slip a few frozen fish fingers in there, which make for a very good sandwich with some tricked out mayo and a few salad leaves or pickles.

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Steph dijo...

And once you have them, don't forget to cook too many so you can make potato cakes for breakfast the next morning :)

Unknown dijo...

Como me alegro que tus patatas sean ahora igual de felices que los que disfrutamos de ellas cuando las cocinas!!!:-)

From Beyond My Kitchen Window dijo...

Please follow my blog. I just bought a special basket to store potatoes in. I have'nt taken my photos yet so it will be a few days away.This is so funny.It will be my next post.

Anónimo dijo...

But what if you don't have a basement, say, if you live in a condo.

Jancey's Cooking Corner dijo...

Sounds like you'll have potato soup, shephard's pie and some potato salad in your future. Check my blog if you need ideas. We love potatoes.