Cleaning out the fridge

Jueves,antes De Volar, originally uploaded by Lobstersquad.

We're going home tomorrow, and before you can see those red tail lights heading for Spain, the fridge needs to be emptied. which means indulgence; blueberries with custard, risotto with lots of leeks and chicken, s frittata tonight with all the scraps of cheese and spring onions. and those beautiful chanterelles a friend has just given me.
And a picnic for tomorrow, to sustain us through the long hours of travelling with two babies.
but for now, all is calm; they're both asleep and I can enjoy my mint tea and the Times' Thursday food supplement.

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Christine dijo...

What are you planning on doing with the chanterelles? We are packing up to leave our summer house and head to the city, and the chanterelles that my dad bought at the farmers market are still sitting in the fridge... NO idea how we want to prepare them or what to pair them with.

Monika dijo...

I love your blog, your writing and your wonderful drawing.

Have a nice weekend and hope the Scottish weather is not too bad for you x

lobstersquad dijo...

cristine: sorry to take so long, but I hope the answer in the post was ok.
Monika: thanks. the weather is crazy horrible, but a great excuse to stay in and bake, so ok in the end