It´s out! Another big whopping fat book from Nigella Lawson. Mind you, though it looks as fat as How to Eat it ain´t, because there´s a full spread picture for every recipe, plus the inevitable shots of Nigella looking buxom and ever so slightly  demented. But that´s ok. I don´t mind. I love Nigella, she´s my favourite writer, and I know I´m going to have the best time reading again about risotto and bread pudding and soup. There´s probably not much new in there, but that´s just as it should be; it´s wonderful home food, what she does best.

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Anónimo dijo...

How to eat was the first cookbook I ever bought! I never bought any of her other books because just from flipping through them they didn't feel like they could live up to it. Please let me know how Kitchen is!

Raquel dijo...

Y yo que no tengo nada de ella...
He visto todos sus programas, claro, pero no tengo ni un libro suyo. Lo voy a remediar pronto. Enjoy it!

alwayshungry dijo...

I love to read Nigella!
I've got 4 of her books, my favorit for the moment if how to be a domestic goddess.
I watch her show for the 1st time this summer, she bats her eyelids quite a lot...But her recipes are always simple and delicious!
I'll be looking out for this latest book.
Have a nice read!

Sonja dijo...

"looking buxom and ever so slightly demented", haha! This has me giggling all over the shop!

Jolan dijo...

Ah, I'm so glad you mentioned this book! I have all of Ms. Lawson's books, minus Kitchen, and while I love some more than others -- really, how could something called Nigella Express be as fatly rewarding as How To Eat? -- I am aching to buy this one soon.

Also, compliments on YOUR food writing! It's difficult to be funny, and so offhandedly perceptive, in a second language, and Lobster Squad never fails to make me laugh.