Omelette Elizabeth Bennet

This is just a silly way to justify making the drawing above. There´s the famous omelette Arnold Bennet, a grand thing involving bechamel and hollandaise sauce, and smoked fish that must be poached. And then there´s a pared-down version in the book Cupobard Love, which the author calls Omelette Gordon Bennet .

And then there´s the even lazier way, which is really more of a frittata but none the worse for that; an omelette of smoked fish, dotted with cream and sprinkled with parmesan, then briefly grilled. It emerges puffed and pretty, and is just the thing for a quick lunch, with buttered brown bread and some salad.

I used smoked mackerel because it´s my new favourite thing, but salmon or trout would do just as well, and look even more girly and sweetly pink.

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Vic dijo...

I love your drawing and post. May I place it on my bog, Jane Austen Today? My email is janeaustensworld - at - gmail*com

M@ dijo...

I too love your drawing of Elizabeth Bennett and her omelette -- but I'm afraid I must make a small correction. The author for whom the omelette was named was Arnold Bennett, whose surname was spelled just like dear Liza's, with two t's.

Poor Arnold Bennett's books remain among my favourites, but his reputation has sagged in the last few decades. I hope to at least ensure that his omelette remains his own.

lobstersquad dijo...

Vic: yes, please!
M@: I know it was Arnold Bennett, though I dropped a t, thanks. The Gordon Bennet is a cookbook author´s little joke, and the Lizzie Bennet is mine. I haven´t read any Arnold, but might sometime, if you recommend it, thanks

Vic dijo...

I just learned about Gordon Bennett, *Smile*

Farmgirl Susan dijo...

I love this drawing! The little dog is so cute. :)

Diseño Web dijo...

Very inspiring