Kid friendly recipes

In case the previous post sounded a bit breezy and off-the-cuff, let me direct you to the side bar. If you click on the recipe labels you´ll be taken to a selection of recipes. Soups and Comfort food are good places for kid´s food, although I don´t think the gazpachos would be much of a hit. Sweet things, of course, and Spanish food, too, will be full of good things.

You´ll find pancakes, banana bread, tomato soup, melted cheese sandwiches, beef stew and melting roast pork, pizzas and flatbreads, marmitako and macarrones con chorizo, chickpeas with spinach and all sorts of good stuff. Have a browse.

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Anónimo dijo...

I can't see a 'pressure cooker' label in the sidebar, although I know I've read some inspiring posts here about using one. I'd really appreciate a post about choosing a pressure cooker, if you have the inclination - I have no idea where to start.