We´ve had lots of visitors, which accounts for not having done any of the serious things, like work, or changing the curtains, or learning how to use the power drill. Not even the frivolous, like blogging, could compete with trips to the sand dunes, complete with seals, and all the fish and chips.
One thing we´ve learnt is that taking a toddler and a baby out for lunch means that by the time dessert should roll around, they need to move on. So we leave before, take them home, put them away in their cradles, and try to snatch some sleep ourselves. And only after all that do we go for the sweets. Ice cream, out of a freezer bulging with the local delicacy, tubs of Mackie´s Chocolate, Honeycomb, Raspberry Swirl, Mint Chocolate Chip and Cream of Scotland. There are ten other flavours to try, so we have to be dilligent and get through that stash before I can fill up the freezer again.

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xps dijo...

claro maja, así estoy yo a sopa miso....

Pille dijo...

Oh, Ximena, you MUST try some Cream O'Galloway ice cream for me. It's Scottish as well, and MUCH better than the Mackies! (More expensive as well, of course).
Caramel shortbread, Sticky TOffee and Vanilla were all wonderful!!

Pille dijo...

PS I used to LOVE Peckhams Deli while living in Edinburgh - a good deli, excellent gourmet shop and lovely coffee (I would go and read morning papers with their coffee). There are two branches in Aberdeen as well:

45-51 Schoolhill,
Aberdeen, AB10 1JT
01224 638 525

Union Street
234 Union Street,
Aberdeen, AB10 1TN

Check them out, if you get a chance.

Jessica dijo...

Wish I had your ice cream problem! Yum.


Sylee dijo...

Oh, I've just come back to your blog and am so excited that you're living in Scotland! My husband's parents are in Burghead and we're often in that part of the country. I've always been a fan of Mackies but now I'm eager to try Cream O'Galloway. & perhaps we can get to Peckhams going from the airport to the train station? Do let me know if you have any tips on where to eat (or stock up on food) near the station, by the way...