Aubergine dip

It all began with this recipe from the Wednesday Chef. I decided to try making it in the pressure cooker, and then I decided to double the quantities, and the result was a whole lot more  eggplant sauce that I knew what to do with. It was ok, but not stellar, due to my tinkering with the recipe. So here´s what I did, and what I´ll do a lot more, because it´s pretty awsome. I remembered a Persian dish in Stevie Parle´s My kitchen, an equally irritating and charming hodge podge of recipes with very pretty design, and one thing led to the other. 

Toast cumin and sesame seeds together in a dry pan, and when they´re all fragrant and crunchy, spread them out to cool on a cutting board. Mix the aubergine puree with yogurt, salt, pepper and the seeds, and add mint or parsley or both or none. 

Great stuff, to start a meal, to serve alongside a dish of lentils, with flatbreads, or chips,  or anything, really. 

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Jancey's Cooking Corner dijo...

i thought this was interesting, but i'm not sure what aubergine puree is. I'm guessing eggplant sauce, but you don't say how to make it, unless it's posted somewhere else.

lobstersquad dijo...

It,s thenlink at the beginning of the post, where it sqys this rrecipe. An eggplant pqsta sauce from the wednedsqy chef

Paul dijo...

I'm on a sea food diet

I see food then ....