Life and honey

I´m having one of those philosophical days. Reflecting on Life, no less.
I think Life likes to hand out Nice Surprises, but only if she can follow it with Nasty Shocks.
So it was this morning.
I had toast for breakfast, as usual, and decided to try out the no-drip bottle. I wasn´t too sure about it, because even though Ann enthused about it, I´m still a snob. And the label says "a mix of honeys produced and not produced in the EC". Which is the sort of language I don´t hold with in a label.
Not that it matters. The thing is amazing. I´m hooked. It´s brilliant! It really really doesn´t drip!You know how, when you spread honey on toast, you then think it´s too little, and want some more, but the spoon has been licked clean already, and it´s all just too much at nine in the morning? Well, now you can just add a few drops, no fear. In fact, the thing is quite addictive, so you may find yourself pouring all your honey in little dewdrops, just for fun.
This was my Nice Surprise.
The Nasty Shock wasn´t long in coming. The building on the other side of the street has been in a state of noisy renovation for two years. Today I saw that they were taking down the scaffolding, and rejoiced. Then the thing came down, and I now see what I´ll see every day many times. They´ve painted the thing avocado green.
I wish I could take the people responsible and duck their heads in avocado green paint. I would also make them sit facing a green wall for, oh, I don´t know, five years and a day. Which is what I´ve been condemned to.
The drawing, by the way, is totally pointless, but I rather like it.

3 comentarios:

xps dijo...

puedes inventar una receta de aguacate con miel.

Lydia (The Perfect Pantry) dijo...

Oh, avocado green, not a good color on the outside of anything (even an avocado!). Time to take a deep breath and relax, maybe with a piece of toast with honey from your new no-drop bottle!

Anónimo dijo...

I'm so glad you love that honey! I'm soooo addicted. I have one little beehive sitting on my desk in front of me here at work for my daily cuppa, and I have another at home that I love equally!
Sorry about the avocado building. That's awful. At least it's not some souless box of steel and glass, I find them depressing, especially when birds fly into the windows and die.