Nutella vs. Nocilla vs. The Other One

When I did that post about the Thermomix book, it was quite hard to find a link in English among all the millions of pages in Spanish.
I chose this one over others because I was intrigued by what they said about it being so hard to find, the hokey-pokey commercial methods, the cultishness of the whole thing.
Well, ok, so it is cultish. It really really is. I don´t care.
As of today, you may call me the Tom Cruise of Thermomix.
For the past hour I´ve been jumping up and down on the sofa, screaming " I´m in love".

Why now, after all those soups, doughs, sauces? After two years?
Because of the Nutella recipe you´ll find if you scroll down in that post.

Why make your own chocolate spread, you´ll say? Well, it only takes three minutes with the machine, and that includes the time you take unwrapping the chocolate and licking your fingers afterwards. And add to that that the ingredients list reads like the old familiar litany...leche, cacao, avellanas, y azúuuuuucar..of the Nocilla jingle, I just had to try.

In my mind there is a constant battle going on between Nutella, Italian and nutty and rather sophisticated, and Nocilla, the national product, the taste of all my afternoon snacks back in the early Eighties. Under torture, I might admit that I prefer Nutella, but Nocilla will forever remind me of grazed knees, the torn hem of my school uniform, and Espinete . And that´s priceless.

This third contender, of course, is nothing like either, and more like the inside of a fancy Belgian chocolate. Unsuitable for a small child´s merienda, but perfect for serving to dinner guests with a clutch of grisini.

When I made it, I was so enthusiastic that I bet my neigbours thought something far more interesting was goign on. I used 70% cocoa Lindt chocolate, a little less sugar than was indicated and...well, the rest is just drooling. I literally don´t know what to tell you , other than, make this out of earshot of anyone who might be offended by high pitched moaning.

Home made Nutella

If you own a Thermomix, go here. If not:

100 gr chocolate
100 gr milk
100 gr icing sugar( I used 90 grams)
100 gr ground hazelnuts
(they must be really ground, not pasty-buttery. If your processor can´t handle that, buy them ready ground)
70 gr. butter

Mix the icing sugar and the hazelnut meal. In a bain marie, melt the chocolate and the butter, add the sugar and hazelnuts, and when it´s folded in, add the milk and stir until it´s a gorgeous dark brown sauce. It will harden to spreading consistency as it cools. Keep it in the fridge.
If you can.

11 comentarios:

xps dijo...

Me encnta el Super héroe, y sobre todo tu recuerdo a Espinete. Que mona!

Anónimo dijo...

So I guess I'm on my way to the basement, it's pretty sound proof down there.
You are too funny.

Anónimo dijo...

I've heard of these mystical thermomix machines, of their magical abilities and their astronomical prices...

*sigh* one day!

Rachel dijo...

That is amazing!

neil dijo...

'High pitched moaning', are you saying this is better than sex?!!! I'm going to have to try and make some now, who knows where it might lead ;-)

LE BLOG dijo...

I prefer Nutella, too, although I love Nocilla very much!!!

Anónimo dijo...

How did I spend 2 weeks in your country and not run across Nocilla?! I would definitely have bought some to bring home. But I'm guessing your recipe tastes even better than any store-bought spread. I know Nutella, at least the kind we can get here in the US, is made with some nasty oils, not butter.

One question, though, what, exactly, is icing sugar?

lobstersquad dijo...

xps: ah, Espinete, qué tiempos.
Tanna: basement sounds just the thing.
Ellie: they´re pretty good, I def. recommend, if you can find a second hand one, maybe?
Rachel: you bet.
Neil: now, now, don´t you go reading too much into things. I wouldn´t say better, but it´s definitely up there in the ranking.
Le blog: it´s the Spanish dychotomy, qué le vamos a hacer.
Rebecca: I don´t know how it will taste to unbiased adult tastebuds, but I love Nocilla. Icing sugar is the powdery sort, confectioner´s, is it, in America? I´m not sure.

Anónimo dijo...

I was highly amused by the whole Tom-Cruise-of-Thermomix-jumping-up-and-down-on-the-sofa line. Great mental image!

Anónimo dijo...

Omigod, you've given me yet another reason to want to have a Thermomix to call my own!!! Yum!

Anónimo dijo...

Ok, here is the thing. I recently introduce Nutella to my kids, because of the lack of Nocilla in the States, and after the first bite after all of this year's out of Spain, the memories that came to my mind where inmense, overwhelming! My kids loved it too!
Shortly after that, my wife gift me Nocilla purchase from Latienda.com but after the first bite, I did not get the same impressions. I had to ask my mother if she was giving us Nutella instead but I always thought it was Nocilla. She said she always give us Nocilla, to my surprise because now as an adult, Nocilla' flavor was not in my memory, but Nutella is!
I'm so confuse. I grew up with Nocilla, but for some reason is Nutella's flavor is the one I remember as a kid.
Did they switch formulas or something??