I´m going to Faro for a couple of days. José has some congress , and Ryanair advertises flights from Madrid for €0.02, so off I go. While he hobnobs with all his planet-saving friends, I´ll amble around, look at the waves, read, sketch, and generally laze around.

I have high hopes about the fish market, and grocers in general. They´re very similar to ours, except that the Portuguese seem to have much better taste. Things are stacked more prettily, and the graphics are to die for.

Last time I didn´t have time to browse at leisure, but now, since I´ll be on my own most of the time, I can stare at sardine tins as long as I like. Great.

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xps dijo...

Sardinas Minerva. It takes me back!!!!!!!!!! Boa viajem.

Anónimo dijo...

Have a great time!

PS How do you manage in the Madrid Airport? We had a layover there and it was a nightmare- it took almost our entire layover to get from our landing gate to our departing gate!

Anónimo dijo...

This is the first time I've ever heard anyone say they looked forward to a destination because of the graphics on grocery items. :-)

But I understand. I love poking around grocery stores in new and different places looking for new and different items. Have a great trip!

kickpleat dijo...

oooh, count me jealous! have a great trip.

Celine dijo...
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Celine dijo...

Wow. Ryanair does have some good deals. How do they work though? There must be some catch to it, no?

I am moving to London soon and if tickets are so cheap, I'm going to be travelling so much!

Hope you had a good trip!

Anónimo dijo...

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