The icing on the cake

The time has come to write about The Icing. 
I hesitate to write about baking, because there are so many beautiful things out there, done by people who combine the talents of Benvenuto Cellini with the colour schemes of Hello Kitty, and that's enough to depress anyone.
I'm not one of those who despise baking. I love sweets, and I do not fear them. I just don't go into the whole decoration thing. It seems the height of silliness to me to try to make cakes and biscuits look professional. It used to be that people would buy things, and, in shame, bash them up a bit so they looked homemade. What happened to that?
My cakes that look glorious in their simplicity,  smell like eggs and vanilla and good butter, usually slump in the middle, but more than make up for their looks with a jug of home made custard and a bowl of good fruit, fresh or poached.
There is no need for more.
Unless there is, in which case, bring out the icing. But don´t go nuts. This one is made in seconds, is very easy to use , as long as you´re cool with a few jagged edges, and can be coloured in pretty pastel shades.
And unlike most icings, which are cloying  and pointless and make your teeth ache, it tastes wonderful, with a salty sweet kick that makes licking the bowl almost the whole point of the exercise.
People go mad for this, I tell you. Even if there are dainty looking cupcakes of utter prettiness on the table, cakes with this icing are devoured, and the recipe is always requested.
Did I mention, it´s so easy you could train a chimp to make it? It is this simple: take a tub of Philadelphia cheese (the full fat version, OF course) and add a packet (200 gr) or equal weight  of melted white chocolate. Mix. Add colouring of your choice. That´s it.
You can cool it so it´s firmer, but it will never be as stiff as the kind that is almost pure sugar. I've certainly never tried to see if it will work inside a piping bag, but if you´re game, try it and let me know.
You can also mix the cheese with milk chocolate, which leaves no room for pretty colours but tastes divine, a bit like salted caramel.
I used it yesterday for my daughter´s fourth birthday cake. It was the chocolate cake from "Relish" and the icing was a pretty soft pink. Topped with hundreds and thousands and pearls, and a pink Disney princess, it looked silly but tasted like the real thing.

4 comentarios:

Raquel dijo...

Al fin un uso para el chocolate blanco. Estoy muy (MUY) tentada de probarlo en mi.cumpleaños. No se me ocurre mejor excusa para justificar el coma diabético. Y feliz. YEAH! Felicidades again a Pía, futura generala de nuestro ejército.

lobstersquad dijo...

te alegrarás, lo prometo. y es que es tan fácil....mejor no pruebes, ahora que lo pienso. gateway drug total.
Me encanta lo de la generala!

Katie dijo...

Ooooo! I love that sentiment! That looking like a professional (fill in the blank) is really not the ideal! The made with love is what makes it so special! When I lived in Madrid as a grad student Trini always used to say to me ( about her tortilla espanola) Es fea, pera esta muy buena! And of course she was right and of course I loved it every time.

Teti Ko. dijo...

What a splendid idea! How about Philadelphia cheese + white chocolate + a few drops of red fruit syrup for colour?