Summer salad

Just a salad. Words that strike dread into my heart. I've written about this before, but it bears repeating: if you have artistic tendencies, or think you may have, ask for help. Don't take it out on a pile of defenseless greens, and start flinging things at them until they are smothered in bits and bobs.

Yes, if salad is going to be the meal, it can't just be a sliced tomato.  I know it's too hot to cook actual food, and it makes sense to make the most of fresh summer produce and a couple of tins. Fine. But that doesn't mean it should have seventeen ingredients. It just looks messy and tastes messy, too.

Why don't you make two, or even three, salads instead? I looks beautiful, lavish, fills you up just looking at it, and takes a little more time to prepare, but much longer to eat.

A combination I like is a bowl of green lettuce and ruccola, perhaps. Tossed with this dressing, with perhaps a tiny bit of raw garlic and some chopped nuts.

In another bowl, tomatoes, just like that, with a drizzle of oil and some salt. If they´re good tomatoes, they need nothing more.

A third can have the heavy duty stuff: the boiled eggs, tuna, olives, asparagus, etc. Placed side by side, drizzled with a simple vinaigrette, or perhaps one that you have made creamy by adding some mayonaise.

Doesn´t that look pretty? Toast some bread, open some wine, enjoy the summer. And if you´re somewhere northern and blustery, have a hearty pudding afterwards. See the advantage where you can.

5 comentarios:

The Devil's Food Advocate dijo...

I couldn't agree more. When you have the freshest and the best, keep it simple.

Anónimo dijo...

You're so right. Why don't you add some oregano to your tomatoes? You'd still keep it very simple.

Anónimo dijo...

Estoy de acuerdo. Nothing beats a summer feast of little plates of different salads, meats, cheeses and and fresh bread oh and friends and family to share them with. I just came across your blog, your illustrations are gorgeous. I will be back soon. Gracias, Victoria@bilberrytart

ChichaJo dijo...

I heartily agree! I, for one, prefer my tomatoes separate :)

Jeff @ Cheeseburger dijo...

There are just those times when you need to prepare a salad quickly and this simple salad recipe is just perfect.