Peanut butter and caramel popcorn

I read this recipe inThe Kitchn, and it scared me by the copious amounts of peanut butter and sugar and honey. But the idea of peanut butter popcorn danced in my head all day until there was nothing to do but get into the kitchen and adapt.

In the interests of research I have popped many bowls of popcorn, and remain unconvinced about the best microwave method. So far a big paper bag with plastic clips, or a bowl topped with clingfilm have worked best, but stovetop remains supreme.

My children are very small, though, so microwave it is. Likewise, I make the sauce on my own, well away from little critters who might jump up and down excitedly and burn themselves with caramel.

I leave them to pop the corn and feel proud of themselves.

Once you have the sauce you simply pop the corn whichever way you like, and pour the sauce over. This is more than enough for two 1/4 cup kernel batches of popcorn, but that´s because I like to taste the popcorn more than the sauce, which to me is a bonus treat more than an overall cover.

You choose how you like it best.

To make the pb caramel:

Put 1/3 cup of sugar in a pan with a couple of spoonfuls of water. I use brown sugar but caster is fine.

Stir it over a medium fire until you have caramel, which is when it bubbles like a witch´s brew and smells like heaven.

Add 1/3 cup of peanut butter (smooth, without sugar) and stir until it´s dissolved.

If the sauce looks too thick add some water until it´s how you like it.

The good news is that it keeps in a jar just so, and that it´s just as wonderful over ice cream, or fruit, or pancakes, or, you get the picture. I dare say this isn´t even very good news.

Also, it´s vegan, so go ahead and pour it over banana ice cream when you entertain people of that persuasion.

5 comentarios:

Glo dijo...

Very cool, albeit dangerous! Thank you for your research!

low carb recipes dijo...

oo "peanut butter and caramel", 2 of my fav flavors!

John Box dijo...

Cool. I seldom see people sharing any popcorn recipes. Actually, it is more of a caramel sauce recipe, but nonetheless, I have given it a try and it is awesome. The sweetness is just right for me, and I love the recommendation for mixing it with banana ice cream. Thumbs up!

lobstersquad dijo...

Glo: anytime, Glo, anything for science.
John Box: you´ré´right, it´s a sauce recipe, but in Spain it´s not usual to dress popcorn, so I thought it best to explain.
The sauce is a killer, though, I´m glad you like it, thanks.

Anónimo dijo...

omg this sounds amazing! i can't live without peanut butter. :)