Ying Yang

Hello everyone. This is one of those here and there, "just to say hi" posts.
First, please notice that discreet but effective little button that says "follow me on Twitter". Nice, innit?
Then, are you totally bowled away by the beauty of the image above? Thought so. I am going to make a batch of screenprints with it tomorrow, so if anyone wants to have it for themselves, stay tuned.
Also, just discovered this blog I´m loving already, A cookbook a month. Just the thing for cookbook obsessives like me.
Over the next week I plan to post a few good recipes I´ve been making a lot lately: Newton´s rabbit, matanza salad, the ultimate chorizo sandwich and something else I´m forgetting. Tall order, let´s see if I can make it.

5 comentarios:

Magda dijo...

I love your illustration and can't wait for that chorizo sandwich.

hypnotism techniques dijo...

Oh this I gotta see!

ChichaJo dijo...

Ooh! Hanging on for that ultimate chorizo sandwich!!!

Cassandra dijo...

Hullo! I've been following your blog for some time now and will be also be peeking into your world via Twitter. As an American currently living in Madrid, your recipes are a helpful way to understand the culture; indeed, one of my goals for year #2 is learning more about Spanish cooking! Anyway, I love the drawings, keep up the great work :) - Cassandra

M.A. Stapleton dijo...

We're so glad you like our blog! I LOVE your illustrations. Absolutely fantastic. We're tackling the new Jamie this month, which should prove to be interesting.
-Maureen (From A Cookbook A Month)