Strawberry Syrup

Strawberry Syrup, originally uploaded by Lobstersquad.

you know perfectly well that it's too early for strawberries, even if they look pretty. So wait.
But if you fell into the trap, and came home with a lovely bunch of berries that turned out to be unyielding and tasteless, here's what you do.
Wash and hull them, then put them in a pan with some sugar, a splash of water and a slosh of balsamic vinegar. If you have one, squeeze an orange in there too.
Cook it over a medium flame until it's syrupy, glossy, and has turned a dark ruby red.
Wait for it to cool a little and eat with vanilla ice cream.
this is so good that you won't mind the hit and miss quality of so many strawberries

5 comentarios:

kimi dijo...

Ha! I did fall into that trap. Now I know what to do with them ~ thanks!

Raquel dijo...

De acuerdo, aguantaré. Pero es verdad que algunas se ven preciosas....

Anónimo dijo...

Aha, that's exactly what I do with them too! (Although I hadn't thought to add the orange juice.) My husband has insisted that we buy strawberries just so that we can make this.

Molly dijo...

Hope I can hold out until proper strawberry season, because this sounds absolutely delectable.

Cams dijo...

Interesting article and a helpful one. Better now I know what to do cos once I throw it in trash. This really helps me a lot.