Pressure cooking

2010 might go down in my personal history as the year I finally tried parsnips, purple sprouting broccoli and smoked mackerel. Or it may not. But there´s no doubt that the groundbreaking change in my cooking has come about not from ingredients, but from ecquipment: the pressure cooker.

I first tried it in spring last year and that was it, I´ve been using it so much that my sister refers to the gleaming WMF Perfect as my third child.

I can´t understand why I´d never used it before, and I certainly can´t understand why there´s not one (at least) pressure cooker in every kitchen. I know people with ice cream makers, pasta rollers, juicers, asparagus steamers, yogurt makers and breadmakers who don´t have a pressure cooker. It´s only mentioned in passing in most cookbooks. Mystery

I don´t know if the recipes in the Pressure cooker tag here can convince you that buying one right now will be the best thing you´ll do, but I can direct you to someone who might. Go to Hip Pressure Cooking. Starting tomorrow there´s a series of tutorials that will demistify the process and lure you into this brave new world.

It also has the clearest time tables and all sorts of great info.

Bye now. I have to go and attend to some beans for tomorrow´s lunch. They´ll be ready before I run the bath for the kids. Isn´t that great?

The illustration is from Pille´s book, which I´ve received today. It´s beautiful. If you read Estonian get a copy now, you´re in for a treat.

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Anónimo dijo...

Hi, I own AND use a pressure cooker since about 100 years. I do need every 10 year just a new rubber-seal ... Greetings from Landshut, Bavaria.
Die Spaziergängerin

Unknown dijo...

Wow, thank you for the linkage! Love the illustration it is so... you know... hip!


hip pressure cooking
making pressure cooking hip, one recipe at a time!

lobstersquad dijo...

Spaz: you´re so lucky. when I think of all the hours I´ve spent waiting for things to cook...
LP: no, than, YOU, your site is the best resource

Oliverde dijo...

I do OWN a pressure cooker, but rarely use it. Thanks to you and your blog, I think 2011 will be my year to take it out for a few more spins around the kitchen. My Oma used hers ALL the time, that is why one lives with me....

Rocky Mountain Woman dijo...

I live at 6500 feet so a pressure cooker is kind of a necessity for me.
I use it a couple times a week and it's actually become my best friend...sad, but true!