And now we´re back

I have seen the future, and it looks like Luton airport...A glaringly lit corridor of shops, junk food restaurants and slot machines, patrolled by men with machine guns and decorated with coloured screens relaying the message "realax and shop".
We had a six hour wait there between planes, so my view may be a little jaundiced, but still. If it hadn´t been for the two oranges I grabbed as we were leaving my mother´s house, I would have been in a much worse temper. As it is, they brought me, and Pía, back from the brink.
Here´s a good thoughtful post for eating well right now.

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abby jenkins dijo...

I have been going through a box of clementines a week, they are the perfect little treat, and a great burst of vitamin c.

Love your illustration! SO fresh.

Sarah Baram dijo...

Clementines are wondrous. I keep one or two with me every day to munch on. They do just the trick when you're hungry, but not too hungry.

Anónimo dijo...

I've heard in a Spanish radio station that you've illustrated a new book. I didn't catch the title though. Your drawings are lovely.


lobstersquad dijo...

Abby: clementines are even better, so easy to peel!
Sarah: having said that, I´m not finding the mandarinas too good this year, at least in Spain?
Cuchillero: thanks, yes, there are two just out now: "EL jardín" and "Las cinco fuentes del rey".

Signe Johansen dijo...

Naranjitasm lovely :-) Have been enjoying blood oranges this week, winter citrus fruit really is wonderful!