Winter Caprese

I know, I know. Oximoron, right?
It´s just that after eating so much rich food every day I need a rest. The tons of smoked salmon and stuffed meat and roast potatoes and caramelized onions and the chocolate and polvorones, they´re great, but need some balance.
And since I found my favourite cherry tomatoes, pear cherry tomatoes from Pascual, in Murcia, practically given away at a Chinese grocer´s the other day, I simply had to do this.
It makes for a perfect dinner for two. A bag of fresh mozzarella, the tomatoes, sauteed, topped with either the last of some home made frozen pesto or a sprinkling of dry oregano.
Toast bread, or a few flour tortillas and you´re laughing.

4 comentarios:

san dijo...

Ooh, you are a genius, X! I simply love this picture, and I love all your easy recipes. You beat all the celebrity chefs with their 5-min meals books, hands down! Happy New Year! XO

Pille dijo...

I LOVE the picture :)

Robert dijo...

I love the picture, too, but the idea of a winter caprese is even better--I'm also getting a little worn out from all the heavy winter comfort food!

RhodeyGirl dijo...

I just bought some early early season tomatoes, and I can't wait to make a caprese salad with some frozen pesto of last summer. YUM!

I love your blog! I just found it for the first time!!!!!