Asparagus soup

It´s a previously published recipe, and you can find it here, but I feel it is very appropriate now. Like every year, tins and jars of asparagus are flooding the shelves of shops, and turning up in every single Christmas gift basket, so you might welcome some ideas.
Of course if the asparagus are the real thing and come from Navarra or La Rioja and are the thick, good ones, just have them with mayonaise or vinaigrette, please. But upstarts from China or Peru masquerading under labels that look charmingly rustic and Spanish, they are perfect candidates for a quick warming soup.

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Mahim Maher dijo...

Hola, me llama Mahim Maher y yo vivo en Pakistan donde yo trabajo en una newspaper (?) No puedo hablar Espanol muy bien. Me gusta your illustrations por que yo cook a lot.
MM mahim.maher@express.com.pk