I wish Madrid had the kind of weather that allowed one to amble down to the market to buy beautiful summer fruit and veg and then come home and cook up a storm. Sadly, you can shop or you can cook, but you can´t do both. It´s too hot to spend energy on more than one thing, and so, I laze around the kitchen, making sandwiches or maybe, if I´m feeling very active, salads (all that spinning, what a drag).

I did try this recipe of Sally Schneider´s for socca. It´s good, a crunchy, quick pancake that makes a good appetizer, and reminds me of the fried chickpeas in rebujina. Only worth making if locating chickpea flour isn´t a great hassle, though.

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Christine dijo...

Such a great recipe, especially in hot weather!

Cait dijo...


Summer salads. buen provecho!

Bill Medifast dijo...

Delicious. Thanks for sharing this. Can't wait to try it.

justin dijo...

Hi, I randomly came across this blog. I'm moving to Madrid in a month, and I have to ask -- where do you find chickpea flour? Clearly I haven't looked closely when I've been in Madrid in the past, but I wouldn't expect to find this sort of thing in an average grocery store.

(I like your blog quite a lot, actually. It's making me look forward to making the move -- even the most recent post about late-night partiers. I'll probably keep on coming by on occasion, if you don't mind.)


lobstersquad dijo...

Christine: brilliant
Cait: oh yes, but salads only sound like no trouble, sometimes...I¨m really lazy
Bill: my pleasure
Justin: I hope you enjoy the move. Let me know if you need anything.
Chickpea flour is only a staple down south, so here you have to go to Latino shops or to health shops. I go to "el supermercado biológico" or some such name, on C/ Manuela Malasaña.

Thermomixer dijo...

I make chickpea flour from dried chickpeas in the thermomix. Do you have Asian grocers? They sell it under besan flour (not sure in Spanish - lo siento)