Portugal again

We´re spending a long weekend ambling around the beaches of the costa alentejana, where we were last spring. This time around it´s sunnier and hotter (though as cool as Estonia in August, easily) and we can swim in the cold waves.

We also eat the wonderful food, and that would be a good thing, except that I´ve decided that the Portuguese are either crazy or superheroes. The portions are so huge that we leave the table staggering and dazed. And I´m usually one who can pack away enough to keep a grown man on his feet on a Polar trek.

Ask for grilled fish and you will be brought a slice carved from Moby Dick, with a whole other dish of vegetables on the side, and salad. And all this after you´ve nibbled your way through bread and butter and cheese and olives as you wait (they´re generous, but they sure ain´t fast, you see).

So all I´m saying is: if you have any intention of having enough room to have coffee and a queijada or one of those little cream cakes, which you should, be sure to work up an appetite. 

More drawings here

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foodlover dijo...

I Love lobster too but your drawings are really cool !

MenuManiac dijo...

We are planning a trip to Spain next summer and would love to spend 3 or 4 days on a beach. What would you recommend? jornepon at hotamil. com

lobstersquad dijo...

MenuManiac: well, it all depends on what beach, so give me some more info and I´ll do my best. You can email me at ximena at ximenamaier dot com