Takeout fusion

Takeout fusion of the highest order. They used to serve this as an appetizer in No-Do, which was a very happenning restaurant in the mid-90´s.

Prawn crackers, the big, white, crunchy, very artificial looking Chinese snack, with salmorejo for a dip.

It´s as easy as blending some tomatoes and bread with olive oil and vinegar, and either frying up some crackers yourself or, much better, ordering them from a convenient restaurant that delivers. We are very happy to have a new one in the neighbourhood that´s so close and so efficient that food arrives piping hot and crunchy.

People go nuts for this, I warn you.

(And yes, again, the drawing has nothing much to do with it, but I like it, and it is sort of pink, like salmorejo)

3 comentarios:

Jolynn@allthingsdelicious dijo...

I can't believe I've never heard of salmorejo before. As my tomatoes get ripe, I'll definitely reaching for my stale bread to try this out.

Do you think you could substitute charred red peppers for the tomatoes? Much experimentation awaits!

lobstersquad dijo...

Jolynn, you´re about to meet one of your favourite things EVER: salmorejo is the best. If you do it with peppers it will be delicious too, I´m sure. Look up a recipe for romesco, too, because that´s a traditional red pepper sauce with walnuts from Cataluña and it´s very delicious.

Alejandra Ramos dijo...

I love this idea!! I will absolutely try it. Salmorejo sounds incredible. this is my first time on your blog and I'm so excited! It's so great and I can't believe I never saw it until now. i will definitely, definitely keep coming back!