In Portugal

J and I have left baby Pía with her Fan Club, and headed off to Porgual. J for work, moi, tailing along in the feckless fashion that being a freelance illustrator sometimes allows.
This here in the drawing is my very bad rendering of one of the main jewels in Evora: a Roman temple flanked by Baroque palaces.
We have been very dutiful and eaten just as we should: José "porco a la alentejana", which is pork with clams, cooked with lots of garlic and topped with fried potatoes. I chose the salt cod, like the locals did: boiled, with boiled potatoes and chickpeas. A very monastic looking dish, which one tops with the garnishes brought to the table: raw garlic, mince raw onion and parsley, vinegar and olive oil.
It´s proving very difficult not to stop at every "pastelaria" for a cup of the perfect coffee and one of their egg-laden, almondy pastries. I´m particulary smitten with the "quejadas", and in fact, about to go to Café Arcada to buy a cartload to take home.

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joui dijo...

You have been to one of my favourite portuguese cities. I am a lurker on your blog, but I can't help commenting on that lovely illustration of Templo de Diana and tell you that buying a cartload of queijadas to take home is a very, very good option. I hope you can resist temptation and they will survive the trip all the way back.
I wish I could have one right now...!

Thermomixer dijo...

A second photo !!! Novelty.

Wish we could get the same quality of salt cod here in Australia. It is one ingredient that quality makes such a difference.

Are you getting withdrawal symptoms without baby Pía? Hope she's got lots of apple & pear sauce.