Back in Spain, oh dear

Yes, we had withdrawal symptoms and really wanted to get back to our baby. But it was very hard to tear ourselves away from the coast yesterday, because as usually happens after a rainy weekend, the minute you pack your bags in the car, the sun shines merrily.
It was a very long drive, and we stopped in Elvas for lunch. J thought we might as well have the bacalhau dourada, and we did, and it was pretty good, considering we chose a nondescript touristy little bar in the square.
Elvas looked very beautiful but we couldn´t explore. That´s the problem with Madrid; it´s just too far from everything else.
J´s mother is coming for lunch, so cure the saudade I´ll make octopus salad to start with, and I´ll crush the meringues I bought in Evora to scatter over strawberries and cream.
As far as I can make out, the salada de polvo goes like this:

Octopus, boiled and cut thin (you can buy boiled octopus at the market here, so that´s easy)
Parsley, chopped
Onion, cut very thin and marinated in vinegar (?)
A generous dose of extra virgin olive oil

Just the thing with the so excellent bread we´ve also brought back from the Alentejo.

5 comentarios:

Raquel dijo...

Que no, mujé. Si MadriZ es el centro del mundo. Welcome back.

Pille dijo...

Still remember making octopus and potato salad with you last spring :)
I bet you're glad to be back with Pia. Nora sends her regards :)

Anónimo dijo...

consider me an octopus FAN!

Thermomixer dijo...

I love octopus - we had Galician style pulpo sitting in a restaurant by the seaside in ? Getaria - beautiful. I love just boiling some EVOO with olives, chillis, herbs like oregano and submerging the octopus, bring back to the boil and turn off and allow to slowly cook in the oil.

I bet Pía is hanging on to you as tightly as an octopus?

lobstersquad dijo...

Guru: ole que ole, dijo ella desde los archipiélagos
Pille: ah yes. what times! I hope we´ll make some for both Pía and Nora some time.
Thecatskillkiwi: it´s official, then.
Thermomixer: oh no question, Spanish fish is great too. It´s just more expensive than Portuguese, and you might just find some idiot drizzling balsamic glaze and "plating" the damn thing all high ans silly. Your version sounds great, I´ll try it when I´m not being lazy and buying it already boiled.