Yesterday I made a puree of potato, leek, green beans, carrot, squash and chicken breast. No salt. It was bland and uninteresting, but it had deep historical resonance, being as it was Pía´s first ever savoury food.
She´s been happily eating a fruity mush made of apple, pear, orange juice, grapes and banana for a week, but this was the real test.
She spat most of it out, but apparently it´s a huge compliment that she neither cried nor treated us to some exorcist-style projectile vomiting. So it´s all good.
In the drawing, my sister María, Pía´s favourite aunt, and the one who wields the spoon with enough skill to make most of the food get into the baby´s mouth.

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Anónimo dijo...

I love those drawings. Pia must have a wonderful baby book.

Pille dijo...

How sweet :) She'll be addicted to your food in no time, trust me.
And I'll stick to the breastmilk-only diet for the next six months then :)

Lego y Pulgón dijo...

En el documento gráfico que presenta la defensa se observa una gran cantidad de alimento en los alrededores de la boca. Como primer día se puede dar por válido, pero la Tía Preferida de la Niña Con Nombre de Canto de Pájaros deberá intentar el clásico del avioncito la próxima vez :)))
¡Enhorabuena por esos comienzos gastronómicos! Emocionante.

EB of SpiceDish dijo...

I absolutely LOVE the sketch. So very sweet.

Anónimo dijo...

Lovely little post, with gorgeous drawings. Your baby looks as beautifully round in the face as my own baby boy! Unfortunately ,though, here in France this seems to cause more criticism than admiration... Good thing I'm an Australian girl who knows the value of chubby cheeks ; )

Anónimo dijo...

Julie: Pía´s baby book is quite disorderly, but it has its moments...
Pille: let´s hope so! And good luck with that
Lego: avioncitos seintentan, pero tiene cierta guasa la cosa, no creas.
Eb: thanks so much

ASMO dijo...

Good luck with the solids! Just remember that sometimes the little ones eat, sometimes they don't, and you never really know why. In my very recent experience, it usually doesn't have anything to do with the food itself and everything to do with something (mysterious) else. Just persevere and you'll get there. Our little Miss C (18 months) just had the same dinner as us: minestrone, Appenzeller cheese and Russian rye bread. And she loves vietnamese Pho. But for a while some months ago, she wouldn't eat ANYTHING. The best advice I got was: make sure that each meal is a pleasure for her, and eventually she'll get around. And she has. BTW, good job keeping up the blogging - very impressed!