The Oscar slumber party

Starry starry night of the Oscars for us on this side of the Atlantic really means night. We stay up, in varying stages of wakefulness, and hope that a rush of sugar will make up for the Academy´s upsetting us, as they usually do.

Always on the menu: chocolate chip cookies, brownies, and this year also oatmeal-raisin, all done by the new exciting method of the giant squidgy cookie. And by the way, that stuff of letting the dough rest for days: it really works.

And now, fingers crossed for Kate Winslet, and let´s hope we don´t wake up baby Pía with the groans.

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Anónimo dijo...

I think Kate Winslet will bring it home, along with Mickey Rourke.

Mmmm... You've got all the classics on the menu. Sounds good!

I posted about my OSCAR night wishes and menu here, should you be interested.

Enjoy the show!!


~ Paula

Dharm dijo...

I just love your drawings! Came here from Breadchick and what you did for her was just superb!

Johnna Knows Good Food: Yum Yum, Gimme Some! dijo...

Cool concept, I want to host one of these next year...;-)