I deeply regret this, but feel it is my duty to inform you that the soup was inedible.
The leeks became a greenish slime, the barley a mess of waterlogged burst white forms. The meat was grey, and not all that tender. It didn´t smell remotely appetizing, and the taste was sweet and bland, even after a good dose of salt.

What did I do wrong? Who knows.
Next time I make leek and barley soup I´ll do it like I always have, boiling the grains separately, and sauteeing the vegetables first, and using stock.

Meanwhile, J was beginning to demmand his dinner much in the manner of his infant daughter. So, in the end he went out to get a couple of pizzas, and we ended the working week very happily negotiating strands of melted, gooey cheese and slices of spicy salami.

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xps dijo...

pues mira......suena bien!

Anónimo dijo...

Oh well.... disasters happen!

Anónimo dijo...

Too bad - it seemed like such a smart idea to cook the barley in the broth.

Anónimo dijo...

Thank goodness for pizza. Around my house it's the fallback when things I make don't work, or when we're simply too tired to cook.

Anónimo dijo...

I had a disappointment, not quite in the disaster category, but close. I improvised smoked salmon cakes, using leftover breadfruit, instead of breadcrumbs. Even with an egg in the mix they didn't hold together very well. And the sauce (an Alfredo packet) wasn't the best topping for it either.

kickpleat dijo...

oh, bummer about the soup! grrr, that's the worst. but take-out pizza, not so bad at all.

Anónimo dijo...

I'm sorry about your disaster but pizza is always a savior isn't it? Oh wanted to tell you, I finally used that duck leg illustration you did for me...dunno if you remember it. I finally got the duck confit the way I wanted it.

Anónimo dijo...

Salami pizza sounds so delicious! Much better than insipid pepperoni. Too bad about the soup, but no one should cook on Friday nights anyway! Fridays are for pizza and beer!

ChichaJo dijo...

So sorry to hear of the soup disaster! How did the prunes turn out though? :) It sounded so delicious in your last post!

lobstersquad dijo...

xps: menos mal
Lydia: no biggie, absolutely
Dana- I know. but Deb´s looked good, so who knows
Julie: oh yes. and our pizza place is very near and very good,
Claudia: I had a salmon cake disaster too, not going near them again
Kickpleat: brilliant thin-crust, too
Ann: spicy salami. and you´re right, maybe I should never have cooked on Friday
Jo: thanks for reminding me! I haven´t tried them yet. Nigella said to steep them for a couple of days. Will report back

Shayne dijo...

trust me we all make dishes like this at least I know I have and as long as you learn from it your good and the idea was a good one it will jsut need to be worked on a little