Brownies vs. Lemon bars

There´s a dinner party tonight at my parent´s house. Nothing to do with Thanksgiving, just a plain old dinner party. Odd in that my mother doesn´t approve of dinner parties. Lunch, yes. She´ll have hordes to lunch every day very happily, but she likes her beauty sleep.
But sometimes these things happen. And I have been roped in to make the puddings.
We´ve had very long discussions. My views on the subject can be summed up in one sentence: why have anything else when you can have chocolate?. My mother, on the other hand, is adamant. Fruit says it best, and among all fruit puddings, lemon bars are the ticket to paradise.
Both positions having been defended with strenght, in the end we´ll have both. I don´t mind baking two things, as long as I have help with the clearing up and a signed agreement that there will be some leftover when I go to lunch tomorrow.
So I´m not going to post the recipe for the prune compote yet. It was great, yes, but compared to the wonder of brownies and lemon bars everything pales.

6 comentarios:

kickpleat dijo...

i LOVE your illustration. such pretty colours. prune compote? pass me a lemon bar, please :)

xps dijo...

no hay palabras (no words)!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bueno si....Gracias.

Preston dijo...

Both have their benefits. Chocolate is warm and gooey and lemon is sweet and tart. It's like asking someone, what do you like better, whipped cream or butter? I like them both for different reasons. :)

mlq dijo...

You forgot the recipe! or maybe you didn't in any case I'm anxiously waiting forward for it.

Shayne dijo...

I have the same battle in my soul and in the end I always make a chocolate tart and a lemon curd tart, why choose between two when you can have both. I so love both!

Anónimo dijo...

Lovely as always my dear- that's for filling the internet with beauty!