Happy New Year.
I´ve been terrible, I know, I´m sorry. The holiday cheer just gets to me. Not in a bad way, but it does pin me to the sofa. There´s no way to work when you know for a fact that every editor and art director is away skiing or shaking the seriffs from the soles of their feet under a palm tree.
The problem with laziness is that it spreads. And before you know it you´ve managed to neglect everything, from cookie baking to present buying to blog updating.
I don´t know if I can get my life on track, but for now, here are a couple of resolutions for the new year:

I´ll tame my ambitions, but be disciplined. From now on I´ll post once a week, but it will be a proper post.

I´ll endeavour to keep some kind of home baked good around at all times cached in the freezer for unexpected visitors or sudden cravings.

I´ll learn to make empanada gallega.


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Lydia (The Perfect Pantry) dijo...

Happy new year, Ximena! I like your list -- and when you learn to make empanada gallega, will you teach the rest of us, please?

Lisa Fain (Homesick Texan) dijo...

Everyone deserves a break, isn't that what the holidays are for? And I second Lydia's request--I'd love to see your take on empanada gallega. Happy new year, Ximena!

Preston dijo...

Hey, I agree with the rest as we all need a break now and then. But I really do enjoy your blog--the writings and the drawings. I'm a cook in training so I don't know what an empanada gallega is but I'd be willing to try and make it. Happy New Year!

Lisa dijo...

I admire your fortitude in making resolutions. I'm not up to it, myself! And—I would also love to learn how to make that empanada.

Audrey dijo...

Happy New Year, Ximena. Good luck with your New Year´s resolutions.

kickpleat dijo...

i think the holidays are meant to dent in the couch slouch a little deeper! hope you enjoyed your holidays to the fullest (set aside that guilt) and have a wonderful new year!

Anónimo dijo...

Happy New Year, Ximena!

I'm interested in learning about empanada gallegas too but even more I'm waiting to hear about having home-baked goods on hand at all times. I'll be living vicariously because if there's one thing I relearn every Christmas season it's that if there's a home-baked anything in the house, I'll be eating it. I'm keeping them mostly out of the house just to protect me from myself.

Hope 2008 is a wonderful year for you!

Eddie Lin dijo...

Happy 2008! Here's wishing you another successful year of blogging and beyond!

Eddie Lin

Jen dijo...

Happy New Year!
I know what you mean about the laziness. To add to the ending of the festive season it is summer down here which is even more reason to be lazy. Oh how I love it though!
Don't feel bad about not updating we will be here when you get your energy back : )

xps dijo...

Te echaba de menos! Buen año darling.

lobstersquad dijo...

hey everybody, thanks for the kind comments, you make me feel so much better.
I hope we´re all rested and well for 2008.

Pille dijo...

Ximena, dear. I had to make emapanada gallega last week, and obviously turned to your blog for guidance, but found no recipe :( Not yours, not Escolastica's :(
I actually liked the pie I did make, but now I'm scared to blog about it - what if I got it all wrong and you'll never speak to me, K and N again???