Lemony tea biscuits

Of the two batches of cookies we made last week, this recipe is the less stellar of the two. But it´s still very good. They´re crisp and buttery, are easy to cut, and hold their shape resonably well. So they´re a good starting point if it´s decorating you want to do.
The recipe is from the Th official book, and the method is the same as for a rich shortcrust pastry, which it resembles. So I´m going to give the quantities and assume that interested bakers will know how to deal with these ingredients. If you don´t do the pulsing, sandy dough thing, you can do the creaming the butter, etc process, I think.

300 gr. flour
170 gr. butter
100 gr. ground almonds
1 egg
125 gr. sugar
lemon zest, or vanilla for flavour
a pinch of salt

These are nice enough biscuits, but it´s the icing I was excited about. Every time I´ve tried to make icing, it´s been a liquidy, dribbly disaster. I blame the recipes. "One cup icing sugar, the juice of one lemon" is misleading. It all depends on the lemon, duh.

This time we were careful. The cup of sugar went into the bowl, and I added the lemon juice drop by drop, literally, until I had a stiff paste, and then I added a little more, but not much. I´d say the ideal consistency is between Nutella and thick cream.
I added more lemon zest, and P went artistic and added drops of food colouring. It hardened perfectly, set into a pretty lacquered finish, and, as a plus, it tasted lemony, which I enjoyed.
The biscuits have lasted a week in a tin. I don´t know if they´d have lasted more, but they´re over.
All in all, I´d say they´re the perfect cookie to make as a present. And I can´t wait to begin icing cupcakes and cakes.

6 comentarios:

Raquel dijo...

A mí también se me resiste el glaseado. Pero este año, prometo esmerarme. Navidad galletera, oh yeah.

Anónimo dijo...

What kind of recipe is that???

Casey dijo...

oh, moooooaaan! That's exactly the type of iced cookie my favorite aunt made every Christmas. I'm not going to let myself make them until a little closer to the holiday. Must.not.start.consuming.cookies.this.early.in.December.

Lydia (The Perfect Pantry) dijo...

Oooh, I'm not enough of a baker to figure out this recipe! And sadly you don't have any left over for me.....

xps dijo...

Doy fe. rico rico.

Aimée dijo...

You are so right about the juice of a lemon! I'm sure your beautiful homegrown lemons are much juicier than some of the shriveled varieties we get here in Canada!
Beautiful blog, BTW.