Short orders

1- The very few leftover beans of the last post made a really tasty bruschetta that night, on toast with plenty of olive oil. I righted the wrong done to my national cuisine and chose a mollete as bread, and of course the olive oil was Spanish. I know that if I use Italian oil I´ll burn in hell, and serve me right.

2- Following Guru´s instructions, I put commercial fried onions in my home-made biscuit mix and o dear sweet angels of mercy. They were awsome.

3- Our Penélope is making history, and I wish her well. It´s now going to be quite fun, seeing all the tiresome pundits who spend their time moaning that Hollywood is a vile industry that sucks the minds of our young and spits them out. Theye sure love Hollywood when they hand out prizes, don´t they just?

3 comentarios:

xps dijo...

Tanto hollywood tanto hollywood! Love your pink pink.

Lisa Fain (Homesick Texan) dijo...

Very cool news about Penelope, but I was sad Pedro wasn't nominated.

Anónimo dijo...

Óle ahí mi niña, los collages que se nos marca, aaaaar!