My workshop in Sicily


may 1 may 6 2017


A week spent sketching in the Sicilian hills, the better to take in all the beauty and inspiration.

We will cook and we will walk, and travel and eat and sit around in a beautiful garden. And all the time we will be keeping a sketchbook. Because everybody can draw, even if they think they can't. I will be there to nudge and encourage and advise, and it doesn't matter if you are a professional illustrator (like me) or somebody whose last drawing was handed in at the end of the 8th grade.

Sketching is a wonderful way to make the most of travel. It is a way to stay in the moment, to look around, to absorb, to sit still and really see what is in front of you. Call it mindfulness or call it therapy or just plain pottering around, it feels good to sketch. We will not concentrate on the result but on the process,  because it doesn't matter how each individual drawing turns out.  This will be just plain fun.


Ximena Maier is a Spanish illustrator. She works with the main publishing houses and magazines in Spain, both in children's and general books, including many on food. In 2006 she began "Lobstersquad, a food blog with drawings".
She is passionate about sketching and is often to be seen insisting that everyone around her take up pencil and paper too, and have a go.


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Marcel dijo...

How nice to discover your blog! I absolutely adore your illustrations!