A sandwich

You know how sometimes you have to call a friend, and you keep putting it off, for good reasons, then bad reasons, then no reasons other than the thing is spiralling out of control, and you end up resenting this person you’re not calling? So it was with lobstersquad. I was looking for something I really wanted to blog about, and not really finding it, but then, reading the Wednesday Chef, I was led to a flummoxing article.
And then I thought, you know what, I might as well write something after all.

That post, which you can read here if you like, is about someone who has decided not to cook because she forgot to put salt in some galette she was making. The galette came out fine, but it was not the galette to end all galettes, and she had failed to make all her friends wither away in envy of her Instagram feed, and so she’s going to live on olives and prosciutto for ever and ever amen.

I can’t even begin on how crazy I find that. Instead, I will tell you about the lunch I made on Saturday. I, too, had decided not to cook, but just for that morning. But because I am the boy scout of fridge maintenance, and have become, now that I live in the North Pole, an avocado curator, I knew that a world class sandwich was within reach.

First I had to go to the shop and buy some fresh bread. Not mindblowing artisanal bread, of course. Supermarket mini ciabattas, of the sort that look a bit rubbery but come to life with a couple of minutes under the grill.

That, filled with thinly sliced leftover steak, wedges of avocado, pickled cucumber, a squirt of lemon and a dash of hot sauce, was all. A bag of salad was emptied onto a bowl, and dressed with the last of a bottle of vinaigrette I make in batches.

It was very quick, it was beautiful, and it made perfect sense, and if it wasn’t cooking, it wasn’t turning my back on it, either.

So there you are. 

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jcgarza dijo...

I read this while eating a sandwich :-)

Penelope dijo...

Hola, Lobstersquad! It's so good to see you posting again.

I had a complete tantrum over a bad batch of bread last week (to be fair, after several bad batches of bread; it's hard to proof sourdough in our cold house in winter) and swore I was giving up on baking forever. It was a bad week with lots of things going wrong, and somehow bad bread was proof that there was no point trying anything anymore. Except that a few days later, my starter looked too inviting to abandon, so I made one more batch. And it worked. Whether I'll be able to do it again is another question, but it felt good to give up on giving up.

If only I had an avocado and some steak to replicate your amazing sandwich!

lobstersquad dijo...

jcgarza: that's the spirit!
Penelope: very impressed, I gave up on sourdough years ago...but baking is really not my strong suit. I did make pizza yesterday, though, and was thinking maybe should try bread again, so who knows?

Chirag Dua dijo...

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