Business Cards

Business Cards, originally uploaded by Lobstersquad.

I'm off to Paris, to the Gourmand cookbook fair. Just as a spectator. But because you never know, I've made a batch of business cards to take with me. Handmade, since moo.com offers so many choices that in the end I couldn't choose.

I have nothing to do for two days but walk around, eat, sketch. I pack no wet wipes, emergency bananas, cardboard copies of The Gruffalo, and it is pure bliss.
But of course I love my children and will be sure to bring back their requests: green and brown macarons for Pepe, pink and brown for Pia.

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Cassandra dijo...

These are so adorable! I really love the one of the sartén with the heart jumping out of it :)

Have fun in Paris!!

Amy Sherman dijo...

Would love, love, love to see a book from you!

Plastic business cards dijo...

These are stunning cards..really helping info..keep it up.!!!!