Back soon

A month is a long way between posts. And I keep waiting until I have something particularly post-worthy and think it should be a proper long post with a new drawing and all  kinds of beautiful things. But the end of holidays, packing up the contents of a whole flat, a series of looming deadlines and snow keep getting in the way. 
And snow is the best. It won't last long, but for a few days, nothing beats rushing to the park with the children and the sledges and a thermos full of hot chocolate. 

So, even though I'm brimming with stuff I want to write, I have a pot of chicken stock I need to strain, a boy who wants to turn off every lamp the better to enjoy his flashlight and a girl who needs a ponytail for her doll, so for now let's leave it at a friendly "Hi, happy New Year" and all that sort of thing.

And by the way, my website has a new, streamlined look. Just so you know.

Back soon.

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Pille dijo...

Why are you packing up the contents of a whole flat, dear? Moving?