This is just to say: I'm in Madrid, catching up with old friends, visiting family, ignoring my children and going to all my old haunts. This makes for bad blogging. Also, I have no scanner, so you have to suffer these terrible photos.
Still, the recommendations are good: For tapas, bar Laredo in c/Menorca, 14
For old fashioned beer and chips, bar El Doble, c/Ponzano at the corner with José Abascal.
The rooftop terrace of hotel Ada, overlooking the beautiful skyline (this is new to me, and my favourite place, ever) for coffe or whatever.

3 comentarios:

Ana dijo...

Wasn't there any life at the rooftops (photo 2)?

Anónimo dijo...

Hope you are having a fabulous time. Sounds like you are actually,cannot wait to follow in your footsteps, :-)

Esther dijo...

ay nena nena, esas españas de nuestras entretelas!!! veo que hemos hecho prácticamente igual (excepto el tapeo, el cual no puedo recomendar, tan ansiosa estaba de él que no sabría decirte qué lugares de Denia u Oliva, Valencia casi que ni la tocamos). A ver si nos ponemos al día!