Mars and Venus and the chicken sandwich

Every now and then I poach a chicken. 
It´s very easy: salt it when you get back home, let it sit for a while as you put the shopping away and after, put it in a pressure cooker with a few aromatics and water to
come up to just below the breast. 20 minutes under pressure, 15 for it to come down and there you are. Chicken meat, tender and juicy and delicate, plus a bucketful of jellied broth. No particular purpose in mind, something´s bound to come up that will make good use of it. And if it doesn´t, freeze in pint bags, some chicken and some broth. You´ll be glad to have that on hand.

The first thing we make are usually chicken sandwiches, which can be taken anywhere you like, and made into pop psychology, even.

José makes a chicken version of the classic Cuban sandwich, called habanero in Madrid and bocadito in Cuba. Chicken, ham, cheese, pickles, mustard, white bread, and let the panini press work its magic. Manly.

I tend towards the ladylike in mine. Breast meat, with a little bit of the jelly still on it. Mayonaise, from a jar, with plenty of lemon juice. A few slices of avocado. A suggestion of black pepper. Chopped celery leaves, chives, and parsley. Lightly toasted white bread, or very fresh brown. Green and fresh,  it feels light, although who are we kidding?

Some crisps/chips, for crunch. And if it´s cold, have a cup of the broth, well salted and spiked with Sherry.

5 comentarios:

Esther dijo...

lo que aprendo en el blog ... y el hambre que me entra :)

Raquel dijo...

Yo lo hago mucho. ¿Cómo pudiste vivir tanto tiempo sin olla rápida?... Nivelazo los sandwiches, por cierto.

The Devil's Food Advocate dijo...

I think your version sounds absolutely perfect!

lobstersquad dijo...

esther: hambre, sí, eso sobre todo!
Ra: pues gracias a ti me lancé, y menos mal, porque ahora es mi salvación diaria.
DFA: mine is awesome, but his is not bad either.

Jeff @ Cheeseburger dijo...

Jose's chicken version of the classic Cuban sandwich is great for my taste.