Buen Gusto

 It´s been a wonderful long month, and we´ve managed to dodge the shortest, nastiest dark days of the polar winter, but at last we must leave.
My farewell meal was not cocido, or boquerones, or bocata de calamares. Instead, we went to my favorite Chinese restaurant, Buen Gusto.
Ever been irritated by a blogger who snaps pictures of the food as it cools? Try having dinner with me…I draw very fast, and don´t have to worry about lighting, or a flash, but still.

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Neilesh Patel (Recruiter focused on Food Manufacturing Jobs) dijo...

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Gladys L. dijo...

I love to read blog that are very unique and I love to see a art work in a food blog. It is rear to see a art work in a food blog.

cholesterol reducing foods dijo...

Great dishes to eat during the winter nights.

Anónimo dijo...

Buen Gusto is also my favorite Chinese Restaurant in Madrid. I live in New Haven now and we don't get that many good restaurants around here. Yes, everyone talks about pizza and "ethnic" food in CT, etc. But, there's nothing like a good dish of noodles from BG with my favorite madrileños. Could you post something on palmeras de chocolate, pretty please?

lobstersquad dijo...

Anónimo: glad to meet a fan of Buen Gusto, what a coincidence!
I will try to come up with something on palmeras de chocolate, I promise, but I must confess I´m not their biggest fan *gasp*

Raquel dijo...

Siempre (pero siempre siempre siempre) lo relacionaré contigo. Nunca podré agradecerte bastante habérmelo descubierto.