Pasta with broccoli, anchovies and pine nuts.

I made this pasta when I was in Spain last. We´d had a long meeting, were hungry and, as Monday is not a good day for bars and restaurants, decided to go to my friend P´s house. "We can have pasta", she said, "although there´s nothing in the cupboard". Aglio olio, I thought, happily, for I love me a good aglio olio.

Turns out that P´s "nothing" is a broad, sweeping comment. There was oil and garlic, of course, but also broccoli. And a further rummage around netted anchovies, almonds and raisins.

Almost all the ingredients of one of the first dishes I ever learnt how to make, from a Sardinian flatmate in my university days.

Happily for my slapdash blogging methods, it is a sister recipe to this one of a few weeks back for pan steamed broccoli, so kindly read that over first if you need to.

While the pasta (long, ideally, but anything goes) boils, you cook the broccoli, with crushed garlic and a tin of anchovies, and add the raisins towards the end. The original calls for capers but I hardly every remember them.

If you can be bothered, toast pine nuts, or almonds, as it was what we had, in a separate pan. Get someone else to lay the table, not forgetting a bottle of oil, a pepper mill and some parmesan and the grater.

When the pasta is al dente, grab it with tongs or strain it, but make sure there´s some water, which will help to make a sauce. Put it in the frying pan with the broccoli, toss it well, then put it in a bowl.

My secret touch is a lump of butter tossed at the end, when the pasta and broccoli meet. It is not essential but helps it out no end.

Scatter the pine nuts or almonds over and eat away.

This is as popular with starving students as with startup app developers.

5 comentarios:

Glo dijo...

¿En qué parte de España "Monday is not a good day for bars and restaurants"? :-)

Soy sevillana, y me sorprende un poco tu comentario.


Glo dijo...

¿En que parte de España "Monday is not a good day for bars and restaurants"?

Soy sevillana, y este comentario me sorprende un poco :-)


lobstersquad dijo...

Hola Glo,
a mí también me sorprendió. alomejor eran manías de mis colegas, y justo cierran sus restaurantes favoritos ese día. era en Jerez de la Frontera.

Mary dijo...

I am trying to avoid food that is high in cholesterol. This sounds like the perfect dish!


Anónimo dijo...

Que no, que no eran manías, que aquí varios buenos cierran justo el lunes (y Ximena cocina muy bien, así que cualquier excusa es buena pa meterla en la cocina...).