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We're going home tomorrow, to the land of tapas and sunny beaches. No wifi, so no email, no tweets and no blogging.
Had one of those strange fridge clearing dinners: toast with avocado and sardines, home made jelly and custard. A tiffin box is packed with breakfast burritos for tomorrow. There are bananas and biscuits for the children. All this sounds so organized that clearly I must be forgetting something crucial.
Have a good week, dear readers. Back all to soon, sadly.

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Ena dijo...

Dear Ximena, have a lovely time back home. I have a question for you, I have a friend who is travelling to Madrid and has asked me what would I like him to bring. I asked for tapioca because it is unavailable where I live but he has no idea what is tapioca, let alone where to buy it in Madrid. Could you tell me some of the places where it is available? Also, almond paste, is Spanish name for it ''pasta de almendras''? Can you buy it in random supermarkets?

Pille dijo...

Have fun in Spain, dear Ximena. YOur family must be so pleased to see the kids (of all ages) again :)

Dmarie dijo...

Wishing you the most amazingly wonderful adventures on your break! what cute illustrations you have here!

lobstersquad dijo...

Hi, Ena: I thnk you can buy Tapioca in any supermarket, Royal is the easiest brand to find. Pasta de almendra is usually a seasonal thing, found around Christmas, but oldfashioned shops might have it now. Mediavilla on c/Alonso Cano, maybe, or one in c/Tirso de Molina, near the Rastro. or go to a big supermarket, like El corte Inglés in C/Serrano

Jeane Arneau dijo...

Hello, I hope you have already gone because I love your articles and especially the recipes.