Momofuku eggs

You know how it is with restaurant cookbooks; they are irritating, they use the editorial we like it was the royal we, and patronize you right left and centre, insisting it´s no use to do anything unless you have the exact impossible ingredient.
However, they can be fun to read, and of course there are a few that actually work as cookbooks, like Moro, or The Zuni Café Cookbook.

Momofuku reads more like a tall tale from your brother´s stoner college roommate. It doesn´t set out to be very useful, and makes no apologies for being restaurant food, but somehow it´s full of good ideas, like these eggs.
They´re just poached eggs, cooked in not very hot water for a very long time, which might not seem like a big deal, or even very user friendly, but the fact that you can prepare as many as you want, all at once, and keep them to hand until you need them (within reason, of course) makes it very special. It´s perfect when you have a crazy week and you want to prepare as much ahead as possible. Or for a dinner or a brunch, or any time when you need a lot of poached eggs all at once.
You´d better check out this post for the full instructions.

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