The simple things

I´ve been down a couple of days with the stomach flu that´s going around.
Whenever I´ve had stomach trouble, always the get-better food has been the same. The first day one is allowed nothing but lemon water, with sugar and maybe a little salt. Then plain white rice, perhaps some dry toast, tea, if you´re looking good, and a little boiled chicken. Next day you might progress to boiled ham, and chicken broth, or yogurt with a little stwed apple.
You know that you´re definitely getting better when you´re allowed boiled potatoes, in their skins. These come with a thin trickle of olive oil and some crunchy salt, and they are the most delicious thing in the world. Not just because you know that you will soon be back to normal, but because after some days of eating really dull stuff your palate is clean, your senses are sharp and you are reminded of just how great very simple things can taste.
Luckily for me, it´s come just in time to feel pleasantly detoxed and mammothly hungry for my mother´s birthday today.

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Unknown dijo...

Pauvre! Must be something going round Madrid, half my office has had it. Next time may I suggest you add the traditional Indian post-dodgy tummy first meal. Rice with plain yogurt, tastes much better than it sounds, especially when you're ill.

The Spice Doc dijo...

i love the idea of a clean palate after getting sick. que te sientas mejor.

Andrea @ Fork Fingers Chopsticks dijo...

Lo siento que you had the stomach flu. Hope you are feeling better. I had a bug that took me out in January and miso soup was (again) my go to sustenance for several days. By the way, I love the drawings on your site.

scandilicious dijo...

Sorry to read you've had a stomach flu, there's a nasty virus going round here in the UK. Not good!

I find the same sort of foods help you recover - lots of fruit and vegetables and nourishing soups really help. Hope you feel better soon

lobstersquad dijo...

Debjani: my whole family has it now, it´s definitely doing the rounds. I´ll give them the yogurt remedy, thanks!
The Spice doc: thanks, ya estoy muy bien
Andrea: miso soup is a really good one too, I´m back on it
Scandilicious: tahnks, it´s all good now and I´m hitting the soups with abandon.

Pille dijo...

Oh noo, so sorry to hear you and Pia (and Jose?) are all feeling poorly. Take very good care of yourself and get well soon!!
Hugs x

Annie dijo...

I remember when I had a stomach flu a few years ago that nothing made me feel better than oranges. I ate oranges for days!